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Mission & Promise

At DRT Motorsports, our goal is to deliver value to the off-road and side by side community by creating unique products that are race capable, truly functional, and that complement a vehicle with aggressive design. Combining these core attributes with easy installation creates a product line that adds needed, safety and style to your UTV.

What does this mean? DRT means—some of the best looking and performing products that are built to last. DRT means—a brand that stands behind its products and the customers that trust us with their business. The DRT Motorsports brand means—quality, long-lasting rugged durability, friendly installation, and great customer service/support. This is what DRT Motorsports means when we build our products.

Tested & Proven SXS Gear

DRT Motorsports designs, engineers, and tests all of it products in the USA. We have one of the best lead product designers and teams in the off-road market. Our product designer is truly an artist with all things metal. From full aluminum bodies to UTV accessories, everything the DRT product design team does is bad ass! We have big aspirations for the DRT brand so our expectations are high.

DRT Motorsports has provided us the opportunity to get involved in the off-road community and we are humbled by the people we have had the opportunity to meet and serve. Our biggest ambition is to contribute to a community and industry that is bigger than ourselves or any one company. We strive every day to push the industry forward and ensure that the legacy of the off-road community is alive and well for future generations.

DRT Motorsports is a strong sponsor for the American Sand Association. DRT believes in the ASA mission and the work they do. We are proud to support their work and mission to the industry on the trails and having fun. We hope to developing future relationships with other organizations that are truly making a difference in the off-road community and will be proud to announce them when we do.

The reception of the DRT product line by the off-road community has been absolutely awesome. We are truly thankful for the support we have received and will continue to do our best to exceed their expectations by delivering value, trail tested, race capable, and fully functional products!

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Product Catalogs


2023 DRT Catalog

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