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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your UTV This Winter

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your UTV This Winter

If you live in a cold climate, you might find it challenging to continue your UTV off-roading adventures in the chilly weather. However, with the correct preparation, your UTV can become an invaluable tool during the cold season. Discover some tips for getting the most out of your UTV this winter and get ready to embrace the cold with the full potential of your UTV!

Install a Winch Bumper and Winch

One of the first steps in preparing your UTV for winter is to make sure you are prepared to self-recover. Cold temperatures can lead to life-threatening circumstances if you get stuck and are unable to self-recover your UTV. A winch bumper and reliable winch are an invaluable way to get yourself out of a bad situation while on the trail in cold weather. Upgrading your SXS with these accessories gives you the ability to recover your vehicle and others while out on the trail.

Install a Tire Carrier and Spare Tire

Another valuable tool for self-recovery is a tire carrier that holds a spare tire. Installing a spare tire carrier and spare tire allows you to replace a flat tire, preventing you from becoming stuck on the trail in freezing temperatures. Don’t forget to carry a jack and the necessary tools to perform a tire change.

Carry a Survival Kit in Your SXS

It’s important to be prepared for the worst when you are using your SXS in cold or snowy conditions. A good survival kit is a must when it comes to riding in cold weather. Your survival kit should include a fire starter, emergency blanket, food, water pouches or water purification tablets, a flashlight, spare batteries, and rescue tools, such as a whistle, flares, and emergency lights. There are many good survival kits available that are specifically designed for off-roading.


Now that you know how to prepare your UTV for the winter, you can use these tips to enhance your cold weather outdoor adventures. Check out DRT Motorsports’ aftermarket parts, including our Turbo R performance parts, to enhance your UTV for winter riding, which is our biggest market’s preferred riding season. And remember, the key to a successful winter outing lies in careful preparation and having the right equipment.