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Must-Have Upgrades Every UTV Owner Needs

Must-Have Upgrades Every UTV Owner Needs

Are you looking to get the most out of your UTV? If so, you’ll need these must-have upgrades to maximize your experience and safety on the trails. By making these simple changes, you can improve the safety and style with minimal hassle. Even casual rides can become epic adventures with the right parts and accessories.


Four-point or five-point aftermarket harnesses are essential upgrades for UTV enthusiasts who want to enhance the safety of their vehicles. Many SXS come with standard three-point harnesses that don’t secure the riders in the event of a rollover or accident. These harness kits can significantly increase the safety of your vehicle for all passengers. Aftermarket harnesses come in two and three-inch widths with four-point, five-point, and six-point configurations and several types of latch mechanisms. Harnesses can also provide a way to customize your vehicle with awesome color combinations.

Tire Carrier and Storage

A tire carrier and storage system are must-have upgrades for any UTV owner who will use their SXS in remote areas or offroad trails where a vehicle will be difficult to recover. Carrying a spare tire and storing tools in your vehicle allow you to self-recover from a tire failure. Tire carriers are available for most SXS applications and allow you to carry an oversized spare tire to get back on the trail. Not carrying a spare tire or tools puts you at risk of being stuck on the trail with an issue that you could have easily resolved. Tire carriers and storage systems provide a secure way to carry a spare tire and tools without taking up valuable space inside the vehicle.

Durable Bumpers

UTV bumpers are some of the most essential and practical upgrades any UTV owner can invest in. They protect your vehicle from wear and tear while providing a unique look that can enhance your vehicle's appearance. These bumpers will prevent damage to your UTV's exterior and vital components, such as the radiator, engine, and suspension system, in the event of a collision with obstacles or another vehicle. If you want to protect your vehicle further, get high-quality bumpers.

Aftermarket Roll Cage

If you're an avid UTV enthusiast, you know how rugged and unforgiving off-road terrain can be. Rollovers are an unfortunate reality of using your SXS on off-road adventures. An aftermarket roll cage provides additional strength and protection in an accident or rollover. Roll cages come in many variations and are great for customizing your SXS to your riding needs. Well-designed roll cages are significantly stronger than factory models and can change the look of your SXS. Aftermarket roll cages can increase the safety and styling of your SXS.

Now that you know what upgrades every UTV owner needs, you can start improving your off-roading experience today! Check out DRT Motorsport's wide selection of aftermarket parts, including RZR Pro R performance upgrades. We provide UTV enthusiasts with the accessories they need to tear up the trails in style!