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Mistakes To Avoid When Breaking in Your New SXS

Mistakes To Avoid When Breaking in Your New SXS

If you’re the proud owner of a new SXS, you’ve made an excellent choice in selecting a vehicle that can provide endless adventures. However, before you unleash your SXS on the trails, it’s important to break it in properly. Doing so is as important as your oil changes, tire rotations, and general maintenance checks. Sufficiently breaking in your SXS will result in better performance, a longer lifespan, and improved reliability. Discover the mistakes to avoid when breaking in your new SXS so you can sidestep these potential pitfalls.

Riding Too Hard Too Soon

We know it’s tempting to push your SXS to the limit and see what your new machine can do! However, it’s important to resist the urge to operate your SXS at full throttle or for extended periods too soon. The break-in period varies depending on the manufacturer and model of your SXS, but typically, it’s between 3 and 10 hours of riding. The engine components and drivetrain need time to adapt and wear in properly during this time, and excessive heat can cause long-term damage that is difficult to reverse. Operating your SXS too hard for too long could cause premature wear and tear and a reduced lifespan.

Forgetting To Check the Maintenance Schedule

Before you hit the trails, check your SXS manufacturer’s manual. Following the recommended maintenance schedule and break-in guidelines outlined in the manual is crucial, as the manufacturer knows the ins and outs of your SXS and has studied the optimal performance conditions for your vehicle. Typically, your first break-in service is due at 25 hours of operation. It’s important to complete this break-in service to clear out wear debris from new components and replace fluids with fresh, clean oils. Skipping scheduled maintenance or break-in guidelines can jeopardize the performance and longevity of your SXS.

Overloading or Overheating Your SXS

Carrying heavy loads or towing during the break-in period is not recommended, even if it’s within the manufacturer’s recommended limits. Doing this could potentially stress the engine by causing excessive heat and wear drivetrain components prematurely. Be mindful of the temperature gauge on your SXS; if the temperature gets excessive, allow the SXS to cool down before continuing. Multiple heating and cooling cycles will help break in your engine properly, while overheating could potentially cause engine problems and shorten your SXS’s lifespan.

Riding in Extreme Conditions

As tempting as it is to conquer harsh terrain or extreme weather conditions, it’s not recommended during the break-in period. If your SXS is exposed to prolonged periods of extreme weather or harsh conditions, it could negatively impact its lifespan. Instead, we recommend sticking to non-extreme terrain and comfortable temperatures during the break-in period.

Now that you know the mistakes to avoid when breaking in your SXS, you can safely ease into using your new vehicle. Remember to treat your SXS with care during the break-in period. By doing so, your SXS will return the favor with better performance, longevity, and reliability. While you’re at it, check out DRT Motorsports’ selection of Polaris Pro R parts to enhance your SXS experience. Have fun on the trails, and always remember to ride safely!