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Inside the Manufacturing of Aftermarket Polaris Parts

Inside the Manufacturing of Aftermarket Polaris Parts

When aggressively off-roading through rugged trails or tackling the dunes, you want to ensure your Polaris vehicle is up to the task. Aftermarket parts enhance the performance, durability, and aesthetics of your UTV. We’ll provide a look inside the manufacturing of aftermarket Polaris parts.

Billet Aluminum

Billet aluminum is synonymous with precision and strength, and it’s a constant subject in conversations regarding lightweight, rugged solutions for all varieties of performance vehicles. The “billet” process has a notoriety for a reason, not just in its resulting qualities but also due to its acute manufacturing techniques. Components are constructed by machining solid blocks of aluminum to create each piece, which ultimately undergoes far fewer temperature changes than cast materials.

The operation to create billet aluminum, which eventually becomes the many parts and accessories used to upgrade your Polaris Pro R or XP 1000, is fairly simple. The first step is to select high-quality aluminum alloys, best known for their superiority in high-stress environments. Skilled machinists then use computer-aided design (CAD) models to create “blueprints” for CNC mills and lathes to shape metal into an intricate SXS part.

Laser Cut and Formed Steel

In the Polaris universe, laser-cut and formed steel is another aftermarket staple. Steel can be essential to simple and complex builds for Polaris Pro and XP accessories or upgrades. Manufacturers begin with sheets of high-grade material chosen for its resistance to wear.

Powerful lasers handle the cutting, following intricate patterns that blossom into works of art. The finale puts the piece into presses and through rollers to form the necessary contours and rigidity for a complete, robust product. This results in a steadfast framework for add-ons like brush guards, bumpers, and more.

High Impact ABS Plastic

The exterior of a UTV might be nothing more than a skeleton if not for the injection-molded ABS parts, which can transform the gaunt creature into a more majestic beast on the trail, across the sand, or just parked in the garage.

Together with the performance billet aluminum pieces and the protective steel bits, the plastics give your rig a sturdier character and a conduit for displaced energy should it encounter immovable obstacles. Its value is a panel or series of panels that can withstand a severe impact and not shatter. It’s a perfect fit for the persistent and fearless off-road enthusiast.

Accidents and mishaps can occur without notice, even when you take the slow scenic route. So having products and accessories made of materials like ABS is crucial to any side-by-side update. Molten plastic is administered into a container of the desired form. Once cooled, the parts are lightweight, durable, and resilient against the elements and most chemicals.

Aftermarket Polaris parts are the hidden heroes that allow off-road adventurers to customize their machines to meet their specific needs and styles. This overview of the manufacturing of Polaris aftermarket parts can better prepare you for your journey into the unknown and empower you to make knowledgeable choices when pursuing your ideal UTV. Check out DRT Motorsports’ selection of Polaris RZR Pro XP accessories today. And when you’re excitedly preparing your Polaris for the next thrill, take a moment to appreciate the sheer artisanship and technology that goes into each aftermarket part.