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Dune Riding Spots Every UTV Enthusiast Should Know

Dune Riding Spots Every UTV Enthusiast Should Know

If you’re an off-road enthusiast looking for fast-paced and challenging adventures with your UTV, then dune riding is the perfect terrain. Sand dunes are high-speed, smooth, and flowing terrain that gives riders the ability to push their machines to the limit and draw endless lines in the sand. Fortunately, there are countless dune riding spots across the country where you can experience just that. Let’s buckle up and explore the best dune riding spots every UTV enthusiast should know.

Glamis Sand Dunes, California

Glamis, also known as Imperial Sand Dunes, is a prime spot for dune riding. With over 40,000 acres of sandy terrain, it’s the largest dune area in California. The dunes have steep inclines and a challenging terrain, making it an ideal destination for experienced UTV riders. Be sure to bring your whips or flags and make sure to understand dune etiquette to avoid collisions.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Michigan

Silver Lake Sand Dunes are a popular dune riding spot in Michigan, attracting over a million visitors yearly. It offers a mix of beginner-friendly dunes and challenging terrains, providing fun for all experience levels. You can also take a dip in the lake for a refreshing break from the sandy trails.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah

Coral Pink Sand Dunes offer a unique shade of pink-colored sand, which adds a beautiful flair to your dune riding adventure. The park offers designated areas for UTV riders, ensuring rider safety. It’s a must-visit spot for a breathtaking view of the pink sands.

Sand Hollow State Park, Utah

Sand Hollow is a relatively new dune riding spot but has already gained immense popularity among UTV enthusiasts. The terrain is a mix of sand dunes and rocky trails, which makes it a challenging yet exhilarating spot to ride. It also offers stunning views of the surrounding red rocks and natural waterholes.

Little Sahara Recreation Area, Oklahoma

Little Sahara is the largest sand dune area in Oklahoma, with over 1,600 acres of dunes for UTV riders to explore. The dunes vary in size, providing riders with a diverse range of challenges. It’s also a family-friendly destination, offering activities like sandboarding and hiking.

Exploring the best dune riding spots for your UTV is an adventure waiting to happen. With the abundance of dune riding spots in the country, there’s no shortage of unique terrains and breathtaking views to entertain you for days.

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