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5 Ways To Protect Your Off-Road Vehicle’s Exterior

5 Ways To Protect Your Off-Road Vehicle’s Exterior

Off-roading is one of the best and most exciting ways to experience the great outdoors. But there are a lot of potential hazards on off-roading trails that can cause damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to keep your vehicle safe from these dangers. Here are five ways to protect your off-road vehicle’s exterior.

Vehicle Protection Accessories

If you’re looking for full-coverage protection and defense for your off-roading vehicle, you’re in luck. There are many excellent options designed for this purpose. Common off-road protection accessories include steel bumpers, rock sliders, extended coverage fenders, skid plates, aluminum grills, etc. Most of these accessories feature very strong and impact-resistant materials. They mount to the frame of your vehicle to protect parts that are easily damaged. Outfitting your vehicle with these parts will keep them safe from hazards on the trails and give you peace of mind on your adventures. Moreover, off-road protection can add aggressive styling to your SXS in the process.

Fender Flares

Your vehicle’s aggressive off-road tires will kick up lots of rocks dirt and sand while off-roading. The last thing you want is for these rocks to cause damage to your vehicle, riders, or a vehicle behind you. Therefore, fender flares are a perfect solution to protect your vehicle and riders. Fender flares are extensions that fit directly over your factory fenders to protect against rocks that your tires kick up on the trails. You can find fender flares in various styles and sizes to best meet your vehicle’s needs.

Skid Plates

The undercarriage is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of a vehicle, especially when off-roading. If you want to keep your SXS vehicle’s undercarriage safe from the potential hazards on the trail, you should install skid plates. Skid plates protect the components underneath your vehicle and even increase your vehicle’s ability to skid over rocks and obstacles by preventing hang-ups.

Vinyl Wrap or Ceramic Coatings

As you’re off-roading, bushes, trees, and other obstacles can scratch or scrape your vehicle. These scratches can then cause paint to chip. Therefore, applying a protective coating to your vehicle is a great idea. Using Vinyl wraps is a great way to protect your factory finishes from scratches and give your vehicle a custom look. Vinyl wraps allow you to change the color of your SXS or add custom graphics to it. Ceramic coating is also a great option to help protect your vehicle from scratches. Ceramic coatings last longer than wax, and are much more resistant to scratches. They create a hardened clear coating above the factory finish. These coatings also protect against weather damage, UV rays, and potential rust. Vinyl wraps and ceramic coatings, while not invincible, are great ways to prevent scratches and protect your vehicle.

Now that you know how to protect your off-roading vehicle’s exterior, you can apply some of these methods to ensure your vehicle stays safe. Be sure to check out DRT Motorsports’ selection of Polaris Pro R Parts to defend your SXS on even the harshest of trails.