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5 Expert Tips for Camping with Your UTV or SXS

5 Expert Tips for Camping with Your UTV or SXS

UTVs have revolutionized the way we experience camping. These rugged, versatile machines are becoming increasingly popular among camping aficionados who crave a little more excitement and mobility in the great outdoors. To ensure an optimal adventure, we’ll provide five expert tips for camping with your UTV or SXS.

Select the Right UTV

Choosing the ideal UTV or SXS for your camping needs is crucial for a successful trip. This might require a little leg work, looking into all of the logistics. You should consider the size of the vehicle, its terrain-handling capabilities, and its storage capacity. For instance, if you plan to camp in rocky or uneven areas, opt for a model intended for performance with adequate ground clearance.

You might also want to ensure that your chosen UTV has ample room for all your gear and supplies. If you’re going on an extensive trip, that extra space is essential. After researching different models, reading reviews, and consulting with experts, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your camping adventures.

Gather Essential Gear and Accessories

When camping with a UTV or SXS, having the right gear and accessories is paramount. You should start by packing basic camping essentials, such as a tent, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment.

Then, gear up for some off-road adventures by packing some key tools. A multi-tool or Swiss Army knife covers all bases, from cutting and fixing to opening things up when you need to. You also shouldn’t forget a trusty small flashlight that’s perfect for those moments when natural light just won’t cut it and for peeking into tight spots under your machine.

For the hands-on stuff, grab some vice grips—they’re adjustable and perfect for gripping things tight. Pliers are a must-have for bending wires or pulling things apart. And make sure you have a driver that can handle both flat head and Phillips head screws because you never know what you’ll need to tighten or unscrew out there.

To cover the basics, pack an Allen wrench, a T-handle socket set for nuts and bolts, and an axle wrench for, you guessed it, those unforeseen adjustments. And, of course, a good tow strap is like your safety net when you or your buddies need a little tug out of a sticky situation.

Don’t forget personal safety equipment, including helmets, eye protection, gloves, and closed-toe shoes. And no one will be a happy camper without extra waterproof gear and a change of socks, pants, and tops.

Things can become muddy and soggy, so using a layering system with a base layer, mid-layer, and outer shell is the best way to remain warm, dry, and comfortable.

Choose an Appropriate Campsite

Selecting the perfect campsite is key to a memorable UTV camping experience. Look for sites that accommodate off-road vehicles and offer easy access to trails. With a little research, you’ll find campgrounds catering to UTV enthusiasts, which can provide amenities like designated parking areas, wash stations, and repair facilities that will make life a lot easier.

You’ll also want to consider the terrain and weather conditions when choosing your site. A shady spot is important for keeping you and your vehicles cool in the heat of summer. It’s a good idea to park and set up camp on level ground, as it makes sleeping and cooking much easier.

If rain is a possibility, choose a spot that won’t turn into a mud pit. Good drainage is key, so look for higher ground or areas with gravel or natural drainage paths to ensure water doesn’t pool around your setup.

Transport Your UTV Properly

Transporting your UTV safely to the campsite is crucial for a hassle-free trip. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so it’s important to invest in a sturdy trailer designed for hauling off-road rigs and equip it with proper tie-downs and ramps.

Before hitting the road, you should always double-check that you’ve properly secured your UTV and put all safety measures in place. You may also want to familiarize yourself with towing regulations and guidelines to avoid any legal issues.

Follow Proper Trail Etiquette

Respecting trail etiquette is essential when taking your UTV or SXS on a camping trip. Stay on designated trails to protect the environment and avoid causing damage to the natural landscape. It’s also crucial to be considerate of other trail users. Keep your speed in check and yield to hikers and riders alike.

Remember the golden rule: “Pack it in, pack it out.” Take all your trash and gear back home with you. These simple rules help keep the outdoors pristine for everyone down the road and help to avoid conflicts which can lead to trail closures.

Camping with your side-by-side offers endless possibilities for exploration. By following these helpful tips for camping with a UTV or SXS, you’ll make unforgettable memories on your next excursion. And if you want to upgrade the experience, take a look at DRT Motorsports’ selection of Can-Am side-by-side accessories today. We’ll prepare you for your next off-road adventure.