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5 Essentials To Pack for Your Next Off-Roading Adventure

5 Essentials To Pack for Your Next Off-Roading Adventure

Off-roading is an adventurous way to explore the great outdoors. Whether driving over hills, rocks, deserts, or mud pits, you must pack the right equipment for a safe and successful trip. Here are five essentials to pack on your next off-roading adventure.

Recovery Kit

A recovery kit is an essential item for any off-roading adventure. It contains items you can use during a breakdown or accident, such as tow straps, snatch blocks, a tire repair kit, and shackles. These are important to have on hand because they can help you get unstuck from difficult terrain and get your vehicle back to a location where a repair can take place. Additionally, having a full set of tools in your recovery kit will be useful if minor repairs are necessary while on the trail.

Spare Drive Belt

Drive belts are a common failure point on your vehicle, and most OEM tool kits provide everything needed to replace these on the trail. Carrying a spare drive belt ensures you can return to the trail quickly if this failure occurs. Drive belts are a part of regular maintenance, so rotating your spare into service at the recommended service interval and replacing it ensures you keep a fresh spare on hand.

Air Compressor

Depending on your terrain, an air compressor is a powerful tool that can inflate tires and other items quickly and efficiently. It’s important to bring on an off-road trip where low tire PSI is necessary. It enables adventurers to adjust tire pressure as needed to tackle different types of terrain or reinflate after a tire repair. During a journey, an air compressor can also help with other tasks, such as airing up rafts before water activities or inflating camping mattresses after long days on the trails.

Off-Road Jack

An off-road Jack is a critical accessory to bring on your off-road trip. Off-road jacks are unique because they can lift the vehicle higher than standard jacks to lift UTVs off the ground, even with the very long suspension travel. Additionally, off-road jacks are unique in that they can lift on soft surfaces or uneven terrain. An off-road jack is going to be essential for almost any trail repair. Whether it’s a tire change, axle removal, or suspension component fix, an off-road jack will be necessary for the process. There are several great options available that occupy limited space and are vital for your off-road gear.

Navigation System

A navigation system is a device that provides users with directions to their desired destination. You can use it on and off the road, as it gives you the information you need to navigate unfamiliar terrain. Navigation systems come in various types, including GPS receivers, digital maps, and smartphone applications. These devices provide accurate information about your location and detailed instructions on how to get from one point to another. Several models offer helpful features, such as route planning and automatic rerouting if you take a wrong turn or make an unexpected detour during your travels. Preparing for your trip with a navigation system is a great idea to ensure you have a successful ride in unfamiliar terrain.

Now that you know what essentials to bring on off-roading adventures, you can start packing for your next trip. Check out DRT Motorsports for all our off-roading accessories, including Polaris RZR aftermarket parts.