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5 Aftermarket Accessories You Need for Your UTV

5 Aftermarket Accessories You Need for Your UTV

Utility Task Vehicles are off-road vehicles designed for various activities, such as hunting, farming, and recreational use. UTVs come in different shapes and sizes with varying features depending on the model. Customize your UTV by adding aftermarket accessories to enhance its performance and functionality for your specific needs. Here, we’ll explore the five aftermarket accessories you need for your UTV.

Roll Cage

Roll cages are a popular aftermarket accessory used to increase the overall safety of your UTV. This is often the first accessory people choose. Many OEM roll cages are not designed to provide the same level of safety and protection as aftermarket options. The purpose of a roll cage is to provide protection for riders in the event of a rollover or major collision. Additional features of aftermarket cages include intrusion bars, window nets, and reinforced/thicker tubing. The most common type of roll cage used on UTVs contains steel tubing with mounting points that bolt to the frame of the vehicle. This design provides superior strength and stability against impacts from all directions.


You can also add aftermarket bumpers to provide additional protection to your UTV. They aim to absorb and deflect impacts from objects on the trail, such as trees, rocks, and stumps, and to reduce potential damage to the vehicle’s bodywork. You can find bumpers in several sizes and styles to match your vehicle. Some feature integrated winch mounting points or other accessories, depending on the model. Bumpers provide excellent strength against impact forces while offering a custom look due to their wide range of design options.

Skid Plate

A skid plate is an aftermarket accessory that serves as a protective guard for the underside of your UTV. The purpose of a skid plate is to protect vital components from damage caused by rocks, stumps, and other debris on the trail. Skid plates typically contain strong materials, like aluminum, Delrin, and steel, and they come in various thicknesses depending on your needs. Thicker plates offer more protection, but they add extra weight to your vehicle.

Storage Accessories

And we can’t forget about storage racks, an accessory designed to provide additional storage capacity for your UTV. Many UTVs have limited storage capacity as they sit on the showroom floor. Storage accessories allow you to take more items on your off-road adventures, such as tools, spare parts, camping gear, and other supplies, without taking up valuable interior space in the cab. Storage accessories come in various shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs. This extra storage space allows you to take along all the necessary tools, ice chests, off-road jacks, etc., in case something goes wrong while out on an adventure.

Winch Kit

A winch kit is another essential aftermarket accessory that provides an additional recovery tool for your UTV. A winch aims to help you recover the vehicle from difficult terrain or situations such as getting stuck in mud, sand, or snow. Some kits feature integrated accessories, like remote control systems, synthetic rope options, and heavy-duty mounting brackets. Winches require adding a bumper or specific mounting bracket designed to mount the winch and provide a strong surface to pull from. The winch is a great tool for self-recovery that are a great addition to any SXS.

Now that you know the essential aftermarket accessories to get for a UTV, you can pick the perfect accessories for your next off-roading adventure. Check out DRT Motorsport’s high-quality selection of aftermarket accessories, including RZR Pro R aftermarket parts.