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4 Benefits of Adding a Steel Bumper to Your UTV

4 Benefits of Adding a Steel Bumper to Your UTV

At DRT Motorsports, we believe that modifying and customizing your utility terrain vehicle with aftermarket parts is essential for getting the most of its functionality, performance, and style. Let’s explore specific vehicle additions and learn four benefits of adding a steel bumper to your UTV.

Better Protection

The most significant benefit of installing a steel aftermarket bumper on your UTV is improved protection. These bumpers protect your vehicle from hard hits, rocky terrains, and other offroad hazards that can cause major damage to the suspension, frame, and plastics of your vehicle. Steel, by nature, retains its durability and is functional even after sustaining impact. This durability ensures longer-term reliability for both the aftermarket parts and your UTV!

Reduced Damage Costs

Seeing as steel bumpers provide excellent protection for your utility terrain vehicle, it’s no surprise that these products can save you a lot of money in the event of a collision or accident. The aftermarket bumper is designed to take most of the damage during an accident and transfer impact to the strongest parts of the vehicle. The concept is to reduce damage to components that are not designed for strength or impact. Instead of spending a fortune on a new frame and/or factory body components, you can let your bumper take the beating and reduce repair bills dramatically.

Endless Modification

Aside from offering superior protection for your UTV, aftermarket steel bumpers allow for further modifications and increased functionality. For instance, you can install a winch capable bumper with a high-quality winch to recover your side by side or help others on the trail. You can also add offroad lighting, powder coat to match your color scheme, or add a front whip lights in states that require them. Regardless of the modifications you choose, these specific UTV additions can help make your vehicle more functional and specifically outfitted to your riding needs.

Added Style

Not all UTV additions must boost performance, durability, or functionality. In fact, some people choose to install steel bumpers on their vehicles simply because they look cool! If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your UTV look more aggressive and unique, then DRT aftermarket steel parts are the perfect modification. Our bumpers and Polaris RZR Pro XP accessories come in various shapes, styles, and designs to ensure your UTV stands out.

Ultimately, the benefits of adding a steel bumper to your UTV contribute to protecting your SXS investment and making your vehicle more capable in your specific terrain. If you’re interested in improving your ride, browse our selection of UTV aftermarket parts and accessories sold here at DRT Motorsports!