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3 Benefits of Adding a Tire Carrier to Your UTV

3 Benefits of Adding a Tire Carrier to Your UTV

Outdoor adventurers know that having the right tools and accessories for their UTV is essential. One of these must-have pieces of equipment is a tire carrier, which provides an easy way to store and transport a spare tire when out on the trails. Tire carriers are often mounted onto the back or side of a utility vehicle, allowing users to quickly access spare tires in the event of a failure. Here are three benefits of adding a tire carrier to your UTV.

Easy Storage

Installing a tire carrier on your UTV is an efficient way to make the most of the available storage space. It provides easy access to spare tires, and its design ensures that each tire remains secure and well-protected against outdoor elements. You won’t have to worry about lugging around loose tires or having them roll around on the floor while out adventuring. DRT spare tire carriers are also designed to keep the weight as low as possible to ensure a better center of gravity and while still retaining as much driver visibility as possible. Instead, you will have a safe place for your spare tires without sacrificing any room for passengers. Not to mention you can also utilize these tire carriers for the additional storage of any other tools you might need with a DRT spare tire storage bag.


Installing a tire carrier onto your UTV also allows you to be prepared for a common failure while off-roading. It provides you with a secure place to store and access an extra tire and gives you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong while out exploring, you can quickly replace your wheel and tire. Without a spare, you risk further damage to your wheel and suspension while getting the vehicle back to a recoverable location. Instead, you will be ready for any situation that calls for a quick tire replacement. Plus, most carriers are designed with weather-resistant material that helps protect your spare tires from any outdoor elements.


The convenience offered by a tire carrier for your UTV is undeniable. Having a tire carrier and spare as part of your UTV setup provides you with the ability to keep riding without having to find a replacement tire and a shop to mount it. Most tire carriers create additional enclosure storage space. This is great for tools and equipment. You can keep all necessary tools and accessories conveniently within reach when they’re stored directly in your UTV via tire carrier. This convenience allows users to get back out there, adventuring even further. Tire carriers are built to be vehicle-specific and easy to install. Pay special attention to the strength and durability of the tire carrier you choose.

Now that you know the amazing benefits of installing a tire carrier to your UTV, you can purchase the perfect one for your vehicle today. Check out DRT Motorsports for our high-quality selection of RZR Pro XP aftermarket parts to enhance your off-roading experience.