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Maintenance Tips To Keep Your RZR Pro Riding Smoothly

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your RZR Pro Riding Smoothly

Regular maintenance of your UTV is an important part of keeping it running well for years to come. Not only will regular maintenance make sure that you’re getting the best performance out of your vehicle, but it can also prolong its life span. Check out our maintenance tips to keep your RZR Pro riding smoothly. Following these four simple tips, you can keep your ride in top condition and ensure you get the most out of every adventure.

Change Your Oil Regularly

Regularly changing the oil in your RZR Pro is important for keeping it running optimally and preventing costly repairs. The oil helps to lubricate the engine’s moving parts and keeps them running efficiently. Oil breaks down over time, reducing its effectiveness. If you don’t change your oil, dirt and debris can build up in the system, leading to corrosion and excessive wear on components. Additionally, old, dirty oil won’t be able to protect against friction or extreme temperatures, negatively impacting performance.

How often you should replace your vehicle’s oil depends largely on how much you use it and what type of riding conditions you encounter, but we recommend changing the engine’s lubricant every 3 months or 50 hours of use.

Check Your Air Filter

Checking your air filter is another essential part of regular maintenance for your RZR Pro. UTVs are most commonly used offroad when air filters get dirty much quicker than in a standard automotive vehicle. The air filter helps to keep dirt, dust, and other debris out of the engine, which can lead to major mechanical problems if left unchecked. Additionally, a dirty or clogged air filter will reduce performance by restricting airflow into the combustion chamber.

How often you should check your UTV’s air filter depends on how much you use it and where you ride—offroad use requires more frequent checks than if you primarily drive on paved roads. Ideally, you should check the condition of your RZR Pro’s air filter at least once every 25 hours of riding time. If there is any visible damage, such as tears or fraying, replace immediately; otherwise, clean with compressed air before reinstalling.

Maintain Your Tires

It’s also necessary to maintain your UTV’s tires. When inspecting your tires, look for anything unusual, such as cuts, bulges, or exposed cords in the sidewall, which could indicate a weak spot that may lead to tire failure down the line. Additionally, check air pressure regularly with an accurate gauge. Reducing air pressure is often required when on the rocks or very loose terrain like sand. Low air pressure can cause increased friction between the tire and road surface. While this helps with traction, it can lead to quicker tire wear when on hardpack or paved roads. Airing your tires back up and keeping air pressure within manufacturer specifications is key for increasing the useful life of your tires. Inspect and re-torque wheel lug nuts periodically to ensure they are at factory torque specifications. Loose or over-torqued lug nuts can cause unnecessary problems on the trail.

Rotating your tires after every few rides is good practice to help spread out wear patterns more evenly over time. This process will allow you to enjoy safe rides without worrying about unexpected blowouts or other related issues.

Be sure to reference these maintenance tips to keep your RZR Pro in good condition. DRT Motorsports has a high-quality selection of RZR Pro XP performance parts that will further enhance your riding experience.