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5 Tips for Storing Your Off-Road Vehicle

5 Tips for Storing Your Off-Road Vehicle

UTVs are fantastic off-roading machines that perform reliably in a variety of challenging conditions. However, the off-season results in cars sitting for extended periods of time without use. Here are five tips for storing your off-road vehicle in anticipation of the off-season.

Covering Your UTV

UTVs feature an exposed design that leaves essential components—such as the suspension, frame, and engine —vulnerable to outside variables when stored outside. Because of this, stored SXSs can suffer discoloration, corrosion, rust, and other unnecessary wear during inactivity. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this by properly covering your UTV with a UTV cover or a vehicle-specific fitted product. If you store the vehicle outside, jacking the vehicle up and using jack stands—or other appropriate support—to suspend the SXS offers additional protection against the elements.

Critter Control

A stashed UTV in a garage or shed is an inviting home for critters and pests. Rodents often nest in stored vehicles, chewing through essential wires and causing significant mechanical problems. To avoid this, ensure your storage space is free of food or items that are ideal for nesting. Then, remove and block off the intake, exhaust, and clutch vents, or any other location that would make a great home for a pest. If pests are a persistent nuisance, consider placing traps around your vehicle throughout the off-season.

One Last Clean

It’s always recommended that you clean your SXS before months of inactivity. Chances are your UTV has enjoyed a season of spinning mud, sand, or rocks. You don’t want leftover dirt and grime on your vehicle when in storage. Leaving a dirty UTV alone increases the chances of corrosion, visual degradation, and mechanical complications. So ensure you give your UTV one last cleaning before the off-season.

Winter Prep for Cold Climates

If you live in a cold climate, you may need to prep your system for the off-season. Fuel allowed to become stagnate can gum up the system and lead to issues when you are back in season. To avoid this, add a proper dose of fuel stabilizer to your vehicle’s tank and run it for 10 minutes to penetrate all fuel systems. Then, top off the fuel tank to avoid any additional condensation. Furthermore, changing the oil, transmission fluid, and differential fluid in your SXS ahead of a cold season is always a great idea.

Care for the Battery

One of the most common scenarios that can occur during the off-season is your UTV’s battery dies from inactivity. To avoid this, remove the battery cables from your machine’s battery or consider hooking it up to a high-quality trickle charger or battery maintainer. These devices keep batteries primed even in the harshest and coldest of environments and ensure your battery has a long life.

Follow these five tips for storing your off-road vehicle to ensure your ride is ready for better weather! And if you’re in need of UTV modifications and performance parts, check out our selection of Polaris Turbo R accessories here at DRT Motorsports.