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3 Common Failure Points on the Polaris RZR Pro R To Be Aware Of

3 Common Failure Points on the Polaris RZR Pro R To Be Aware Of

Polaris is known for creating exceptional utility and recreational vehicles. The Pro R is no exception to this, with industry-leading power and suspension. However, even these UTVs can suffer from failures and breaks. Here are three common failure points on the Polaris RZR Pro R to be aware of and prevent.

Engine Failures From Lack of Maintenance

Not limited to the Pro R, engine issues can be a common problem for any off-road vehicle when the proper steps are not taken to maintain it. The Polaris Pro R is equipped with a powerful engine, but it is still susceptible to overheating, low oil pressure, and oil leaks if you don’t perform regular maintenance. 

Therefore, pay close attention to Polaris’ service intervals, such as oil changes, air filter replacement, and coolant refills. These vehicles are exposed to far more extreme conditions than your average vehicle, so following these guidelines can help prevent engine failures.

Suspension Failures From Wear

The Polaris Pro R has some of the most impressive suspension available today, with live valve shocks, huge travel, and great geometry that make this vehicle capable of handling high speeds in rough terrain. Over time, bushings, shocks, and other components can wear out, causing the vehicle to lose its ability to function properly. Fortunately, regular inspections and maintenance of the suspension system can help prevent failures. Look for cracking components, worn parts, and leaking shocks, and listen for abnormal noises when riding. In addition to monitoring wear, consider replacing the following:

Radius Rods: Replace this known common failure point with a high-quality, stronger component, like the DRT 6061-T6 Billet aluminum radius rod set.

Radius Rod Plate: Consider replacing this factory part with a stronger and more durable aftermarket product that uses premium materials, like the DRT Pro R 3 pcs Radius Rod Plate.

Front Lower Shock Fork: This is a common failure point on the Polaris Pro R. Replacing this with a stronger aftermarket product reduces your chances of a failure on the trail.

Tire Damage From Wear

Tires are one of the most important components of any off-road vehicle, as they provide it with traction and stability. Tires on your Polaris Pro R are subject to extremely tough conditions when compared with a standard vehicle. They are more likely to suffer from rock punctures, tears, and worn tread. Also, SXS tire usage depends heavily on the sidewall for traction in rock-crawling terrain.

Therefore, it’s important to regularly inspect tires for damage, cuts, and tears, replacing them when necessary to prevent failures. While it won’t completely prevent tire failure, regular inspection will prevent many issues that could occur on the trail, where your vehicle is difficult to recover.

While these are common failure points on the Polaris RZR Pro R that are worth being aware of, there’s no denying the quality, power, and capability of these UTVs. With the right Polaris RZR Pro R accessories, your off-roading machine can eliminate many of the common failure point issues and provide the ultimate off-road experience.